from the Studio wall

From the Studio wall

 Former Castles of Wexford Series (HookHead LightHouse)

Former Castles of Wexford Series (HookHead LightHouse)

 The ‘Former Castles of Wexford series’ is a collection of mixed media paintings that were conceived as a way to express the ephemeral nature of the historical infrastructure that surrounds us, and by extension, maybe the very idea of history itself. These small mixed media pieces are in the main, a byproduct of two larger scale paintings that I hope to exhibit sometime later in the year. 


 The point of the larger scale paintings was to create with canvas, a 2-dimensional space where I could explore the very idea of ‘Wexford’: by examining historical texts and reconstructing this history with paint - one layer built upon another… these larger pieces although paintings in their own right, were mainly used as a tool (a blackboard if you will) where I could think things through and transcribe snippets of information in a way that made sense to me at the time; and if not for the fact that this year-long painting project has to come to an end, I could happily continue to research the history of the world through the process of applying paint to these pieces for the rest of my natural life. 


 But these little mixed media things though… these were just my daily outlet to have a little fun with the project - where in the process of painting the larger paintings, I would take rubbings and prints off them and I would use these to construct quick little vignettes of the historical scenes and places that I was reading about at the time. I would then stick them up on the walls and windows around the studio where the changing light could work it’s magic and transform these second hand scraps of information into cheerful little works of art.


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