Stolen Image Painting Project 007h


Stolen Image Painting Project 007h


oil, glass, resin and wood 2017-19 

Size: 12” x 12” x 1”

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With this body of work I created a series of paintings, each capable of interacting subconsciously with 1 of the 5 psychological categories that advertisers use to codify us as a means of selling ever more consumer products:

Sexual, Psychological, Sociological, Demand for status and 
Demand for recognition

Everything from Lynx deodorant to political candidates are marketed to us using these 5 categories and consequently advertising has shaped the world of late era capitalism with respect to these stereotypes.

I wanted to use this series of paintings to both describe and investigate this phenomena and to this end I found myself scrolling down through hundreds of twitter profiles, categorising each of the images into one of 5 psychological types. 

By studying the images and using them as the basis for a series of portraits, I intended to learn something about the categories while imbuing the paintings with some of the expressed emotions that the subjects were trying to communicate through their online personas.