Old and Present Cathedrals Series (Theseus & the Minotaur) cont...

oil, paper, plastic & tape 2016-18

Saturn devouring his son cont...

oil, plastic, wood and assorted confectionery 
12”x 17”x 1” ca.2016-19

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The New Haircut

mixed media 2018-19


Former Castles of Wexford Series (Ferns)

oil on paper, plastic, bluetac and tape 2018


Portrait of the Artist... (old enough to know better)

oil on paper and plastic 2018


Unresolved Mountain Landscape cont…

oil on canvas 2019


2 up, 2 down and 2 apple trees

mixed media 2017-18

two Figures (head in the clouds)

Oil on Wood, Gesso, Paper and Resin 2018-19